Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A new year & a new plan for Andorah's Feast!

So, it's a new year & Andorah's Feast is undergoing a bit of a new plan. Deb and I have both felt that although it's been a labor of love, it's been very labor intensive as well as costly both financially & physically on both of us. Deb has decided to focus on being well & healthy & so has stepped down from Andorah's Feast for now. My hope is to somehow find a way to keep the work involved with keeping Andorah's Feast going while finding balance in my personal & professional life.
I'm not sure what that means & what's the next step for Andorah's Feast but I do know I don't want to stop making food for all of you! I need your feedback, your requests, your ideas & most of all your support to help me figure out how to make this dream stay alive. So, if you are excited about eating delicious, whole foods & discovering new flavors to incorporate into your daily meals, help me spread the good word about Andorah's Feast! Thank you so very much for your support & guidance through all of this! Now let's EAT!!!

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