Monday, January 20, 2014

Sweet, sweet treat success!

I'm SO very pumped to have some new treats to add to the Andorah's Feast goodie list! My first attempt at the NEW Sweet Tart Macaswoons turned out better than expected with rave reviews from my honey, his good friend and of course, me. Lucuma powder might be my new favorite ingredient. (Thanks for introducing me, Deb!) I'm sure it's what made them that extra bit of awesome. The strawberries give them such delectable sweetness and a lovely pink hue and the lemon juice and zest give them the perfect lift of freshness.
Another new recipe that I'm LOVING is one I discovered last weekend. Raw brownies. I tweeked another Pinterest recipe and made them again this week only I dehydrated them to make them craft sale ready and more cakey. The heart shaped cookie cutter made them all kinds of cute but DANG was it a ton of work separating the hearts from the gooey batter bits in between the hearts. But the extra batter gave me an idea to use up some candy sticks I've had waiting for a project. And so Brawnie Choco-Pops were born! Rolled in some coconut, cacao nibs and goji bits, these sweet treats are perfect, brownie goodness. They've got a wee kick with the added cayenne pepper. One of my favorite combos is cacao and cayenne. Sure to warm your heart from the inside out! Stay tuned for updates on my next sale and be sure to follow me on Facebook to get my most recent updates, recipes and much more! -andee

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A new year & a new plan for Andorah's Feast!

So, it's a new year & Andorah's Feast is undergoing a bit of a new plan. Deb and I have both felt that although it's been a labor of love, it's been very labor intensive as well as costly both financially & physically on both of us. Deb has decided to focus on being well & healthy & so has stepped down from Andorah's Feast for now. My hope is to somehow find a way to keep the work involved with keeping Andorah's Feast going while finding balance in my personal & professional life.
I'm not sure what that means & what's the next step for Andorah's Feast but I do know I don't want to stop making food for all of you! I need your feedback, your requests, your ideas & most of all your support to help me figure out how to make this dream stay alive. So, if you are excited about eating delicious, whole foods & discovering new flavors to incorporate into your daily meals, help me spread the good word about Andorah's Feast! Thank you so very much for your support & guidance through all of this! Now let's EAT!!!